Work Injuries from a Common Desk Job

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Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Do you spend all day sitting at a desk? Have you taken a recent promotion requiring you to spend the bulk of your day in front of a computer screen? If so, you may be facing potential workplace injuries and have no idea of the risks you face every day. Those who spend a majority of the work day facing tired eyes, a sore back, swollen fingers and a pinched neck, know that this type of work environment can cause annoying work injuries and may not be all it’s cracked up to be.


These desk job aches and pains aren’t uncommon whatsoever. The hazards of sitting all day long, whether staring at a computer screen or working with papers and files, are affecting employees in today’s age now more than ever. Every employee who has worked at a desk knows how easy it is to lean forward or slouch one’s shoulders eventually causing physical pain or soreness. We’ve all heard the stories of how writing or typing repetitively for countless hours result in stressed hands and fingers, or how gazing so strongly at a screen eventually gives a person mental strain and headaches.


While most work injuries can be prevented with proper body mechanics, ideal breaks and good habits, not all work-related injuries are under one’s control. ScheduleBase is providing you with a list of a few common, and a couple not-so-common work hazards that could potentially cause work injuries in a common workplace environment.


Slouching Hurts

As mentioned above, sitting most of the day is not the healthiest activity for your back. You may want to consider a sitting device that allows you to straighten your poor posture if this job is your long-term plan. If not, you could become victim to a pool of chronic, long-term ailments including arthritis and bursitis.


Avoid the Sick Building Syndrome

The air inside a building can be up to 100 times dirtier than outside exposing you to an unhealthy environment. There are pollutants in the air conditioning, toxic particles, dangerous bacteria and mold all flying around, especially in buildings that aren’t well taken care of. If the building you work in was built in 1905, it may be time to consider relocation.


Dealing with a Printer’s Revenge

Printers and photocopiers are a source of potentially deadly ultrafine particles if filters aren’t changed on a regular basis. Even the smallest amounts can cause chest pain and irritation, eventually leading to more serious ailments if not addressed.


Don’t Stare At Me and I Won’t Stare At You

Even though computer screens don’t give off radiation, the strain from staring over long periods of time can cause harm to your vision, though many effects are temporary. And we all know the pain and agony headaches can cause. Make sure you are taking proper breaks and by all means, give your eyes a break.


Who Turned Out the Lights?

Our bodies need a good quantity of light at the right intensity and at the right time of day to act as cues for our internal body clock. Light in the morning helps us wake up and feel alert and energized, while dimmer light at night cues us to go to sleep and stay asleep. Over-illumination in an office environment can cause you many potential work injuries including headaches, fatigue, stress and high blood pressure.


Clean Those Filthy, Dirty Keyboards

Computer keyboards can get easily clogged with food, dirt and germs just like other frequently touched items such as your office door knob or computer mouse. In fact, dirty keyboards can have up to five times as many bacteria as a bathroom. If you haven’t cleaned your keyboard this week, don’t you think it’s time?


Slow Down on the Typing

Although the common perception has been that computer use may be linked to carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s not likely. But, excessive amounts of typing can leave you with workplace injuries such as a painful wrists, sore fingers and leave you never wanting to lay your hands on a keyboard again.


So what’s an injured desk worker to do? If quitting your job or retiring with millions from the recent Powerball isn’t in the cards, there are a number of other steps you can take to stay healthy at work. You might look to improve your workspace ergonomics or simply take more breaks during the day. You could drink more water to avoid dehydration and potential headaches. Get up and talk with a co-worker. Why not grab a stress ball and squeeze it for five minutes every hour? There are plenty of smaller items you can do. The bottom line is to add a bit of variety and don’t focus on the same task all day. Changing your behavior every day breaks up the monotonous routine and allows you to be more focused throughout the day, making you a more valuable employee to your workplace.


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