Too Much of a Good Thing? How Caffeine Might Hinder Productivity

May 13, 2015 | 1,840 views

Too Much of a Good Thing? How Caffeine Might Hinder Productivity

Too Much of a Good Thing? How Caffeine Might Hinder Productivity

It’s the drug of choice for many professionals – caffeine. Coffees, teas, and energy drinks line office kitchens ready for consumption by anyone who needs a little boost of energy during the workday. As popular as caffeine is, it must have some impact on your productivity, right?





Most people reach for a cup of Joe to boost their mood and focus. Although that might offer some immediate benefit, research at Johns Hopkins Medical School shows that caffeine drinkers will experience a short-term caffeine withdrawal soon after. That’s counter-effective to what you’re trying to accomplish when you get a caffeine fix. It’s also what’s probably causing your afternoon slumps.


Here’s how you can give yourself a boost in productivity without this popular drug of choice.


Drink More Water

Feeling fatigued? It might be because you’re dehydrated.


Water is the liquid that transports oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, so it makes sense that you need it to feel more alert at work. Instead of reaching for a glass of caffeine, try switching it out for a cup of water. You’ll give your body a healthier way to boost your energy for the full workday.


Go For a Walk

Caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline, according to an article by Dr. Travis Bradberry. It’s this adrenaline that makes you feel more alert and responsive. It’s also this adrenaline that makes you feel exhausted a few hours later.


To get a burst of energy, get your blood pumping. Instead of putting your body into a self-induced state of “fight or flight” syndrome, give yourself a steady increase in energy with a short, brisk walk. If you can’t leave your office, do some squats by your desk. Use your body’s natural endorphin release to get your brain back in focus faster and for the long-term.


Get a Good Night’s Rest

You might not be able to justify taking a nap on the job but you can take control over your bedtime.


Sleep lets you wake up clear headed, alert, and ready to take on the day. Caffeine limits your ability to get the kind of sleep you need. By living caffeine free, you’re able to give your body the rest it needs so that you don’t have the same cravings for caffeine when you first wake up, making you more productive throughout the day.


Just Say No

Caffeine is a drug. Although it’s popularly used to boost productivity, studies have shown that it has the opposite effect on your ability to get more done throughout the day. The short burst of energy you feel at the beginning of your caffeine consumption is overshadowed by the withdrawal and exhaustion you’ll feel later in the day.


When it comes to giving yourself a productivity boost, just say no to caffeine.


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