Tips for Getting a Better Night of Rest

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Tips for Getting a Better Night of Rest

Tips for Getting a Better Night of Rest

You’re probably already familiar with the benefits of sleep — a clearer mind, healthier body, and lower risk of disease are just some of the biggest reasons scientists agree it’s important to prioritize rest. Still, the Center for Disease Control found that over a third of Americans still aren’t getting the sleep they need on a regular basis. If you’re struggling to get your full seven hours of sleep every night, here are a few tips that might help you rest a little easier.


Bye Bye Blue Light

Snuggling up after a long day at work with your iPad to catch up on the news or play a game might seem like a cozy idea, but it can wreak havoc on your ability to sleep. The bright lights from devices, such as phones, tablets, and televisions can trigger neurotransmitters that it’s time to be awake and alert, making it harder to unwind.


If you have to work up until bedtime, download an app called f.lux to limit the blue light on your screen. This app automatically adjusts the display color temperature according to the time of day, giving your eyes some much needed relief from the harsh blue light it stares at all day long.


Snooze Notifications

Perhaps nothing is more jolting out of your sleep than a text message or alert from one of your apps. The vast majority of the time, these alerts are about something that could wait until the morning. Silencing your phone and setting it to Do Not Disturb mode is one way to get more restful sleep through the night. But what about the lingering feeling that people expect you to respond? It’s up to you to set the expectation. By scheduling your hours publicly, including hours when you will not be available for a response, you can tweak that expectation so your colleagues know that you won’t respond during certain hours of the day.


Plan Ahead for Your Naps

NASA found that pilots measure higher levels of alertness after a 40-minute nap. And neuroscientists found that creativity spiked due to more activity in the right hemisphere of the brain after a nap. So, napping must be good, right? It is, but only in small doses.


Long afternoon naps can actually have an adverse effect on your ability to sleep more restful at night. Schedule your naps and plan for a half hour or less of snooze time. Nap any longer and it’ll send your sleep schedule out of whack, which could have an adverse impact on your ability to sleep at night.


Keep a Journal

How many times have you laid awake at night struggling to sleep because of something that happened earlier in the day. Perhaps it was something at work, or perhaps you’re worried about the potluck for your child’s school the next day. No matter what it is, work out those thoughts before you climb into bed by keeping a journal.


Diffuse Lavender

It’s not a myth that lavender helps people sleep better. Studies found that even a sniff of lavender before bed leads to deeper sleep. By diffusing lavender essential oil in your room at night, you can use aromatherapy to fall asleep and stay asleep.


Limit Caffeine

Nothing’s quite as refreshing in the morning as a hot cup of coffee, or a caffeinated beverage of your choice. Still, too many people try to hold onto the feeling it delivers throughout the day and over consume caffeine, ultimately hindering productivity and hurting sleep at night. Avoid caffeine from the afternoon onward to help your body rest easier at night.


Getting Your Zzz’s

It’s hard to sleep with the distractions surrounding us today. By silencing or at least minimizing those distractions, you can get a better night of rest and wake up feeling more refreshed.



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