Tip: Use Presets to make Scheduling Employees Fast and Easy

November 18, 2011 | 3,041 views

Preset Link

Preset link in lower right.

ScheduleBase staff scheduling software is designed with many features to help you schedule your employees fast and easy. Presets give you one-click scheduling for common shift times and terms. It’s one of the features in ScheduleBase that will significantly save you time when scheduling your employees.


ScheduleBase -  Entering Presets

Entering presets is easy!

Setting up presets is easy.

To begin using presets, select a cell where you would normally schedule an employee. Click the Schedule faster with Presets link in the lower right corner of the Presets window.

In the preset setup page, you will able to add shift times and other common terms that you use frequently. Be sure to put your most frequently used shifts or terms on top, so they will be even more accessible as you build your schedule.


ScheduleBase Scheduling with Presets

One-click scheduling with Presets.

Go forth and save time!

Now, as you are scheduling, you will notice the preset shifts and terms appear on the left of the schedule box.  When you click on a preset term or shift it is quickly and accurately inserted into the schedule cell which saves you a lot of time.

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