Taking Your Business Blog to the Next Level

December 17, 2014 | 2,257 views

Taking Your Business Blog to the Next Level

Taking Your Business Blog to the Next Level

Now that you’ve started your business blog, you’re probably interested in attracting more visitors. You should be! The readers of your blog can easily become customers, so it’s worth the effort to make your blog a shining beacon that will attract them.


Here we’ll look at how you can polish your blog and attract more loyal readers through valuable content.


Tip 1: Focus on Topics Your Audience Wants to Read

The single best way to bring more readers is to anticipate what they want to read. Don’t know what they’re interested in? See what your competitors are blogging about. Search industry hashtags on Twitter, or follow industry experts and see what they’re sharing. Then come up with your own angles to create value on related topics.


Tip 2: Encourage Conversation

Your comments are a great place for your blog readers to continue the convo on a given topic. Make sure to enable comments so that it’s easy for people to leave them. It’s a good idea to use a spam filter like Akismet so you don’t have to manually filter them yourself.


Then make sure to respond to every comment to foster dialogue. If you’re asked a question in the comments, be sure to answer it. And thank your readers for their attention!


Tip 3: Share on Social from Every Angle

Setting up an automating tool like TwitterFeed will take some of the work out of sharing your content on social media. But don’t leave it at that. Because these tools simply take the title of your post and share it, sometimes those are less engaging Tweets. Add to that a series of other social updates that intrigue and make your followers want to click to read your content.


You can pull quotes or stats from your article, or ask questions that get answered in it. Then include a link, as well as a relevant hashtag if possible. Schedule these daily for the week after the post goes live so that you reach a wider swath of potential readers.


Tip 4: Be a Good Blog Reader

It seems strange, saying that the more blogs you read, the better your blog will be, but it’s true, and for several reasons. First, you get a better sense of what makes for appealing content. Some of that will rub off on you. Second, you get ideas for topics, even if you’re reading a blog that doesn’t exactly relate to your own field. And finally, if you comment on and share other people’s blog posts, they’ll reciprocate, and your audience will grow!


My final tip on growing your blog and its audience is to be consistent. The more frequently you post, the more readers you’ll attract. But even if you can’t blog daily, you can still keep a steady stream of readers if you commit to a schedule, such as publishing every Tuesday and Thursday.


Your blog is a canvas; you decide its future. Make sure that future is filled with great content your audience wants to read, and you’ll have plenty of readers!

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