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ScheduleBase iPhone App Now Available – Online Employee Schedules

September 24, 2012 | 5,143 views


We are excited to announce that the ScheduleBase iPhone app is now available on iTunes. With the release of our new app, communicating online employee schedules from any iPhone is only a free click away. Get the app and you will be viewing your schedules instantly on your iPhone. To download the app, just follow us to iTunes. Checking your online employee schedules could not be easier or more convenient. Stay up-to-date with ScheduleBase and get the iPhone app today!


ScheduleBase Iphone App in Itunes



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Tip: Use Presets to make Scheduling Employees Fast and Easy

November 18, 2011 | 3,279 views

Preset Link

Preset link in lower right.

ScheduleBase staff scheduling software is designed with many features to help you schedule your employees fast and easy. Presets give you one-click scheduling for common shift times and terms. It’s one of the features in ScheduleBase that will significantly save you time when scheduling your employees.


ScheduleBase -  Entering Presets

Entering presets is easy!

Setting up presets is easy.

To begin using presets, select a cell where you would normally schedule an employee. Click the Schedule faster with Presets link in the lower right corner of the Presets window.


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New Work Schedule Features for Online Staff Scheduling Software

November 4, 2011 | 3,214 views

Employee Scheduling Software Features

New Employee Scheduling Software Features

Recently, we launched new ScheduleBase features that make our staff scheduling software even better. Based on customer feedback, the new viewing options improve the way staff see work schedules online.


And, now managers can customize the online work schedule to:


Show or hide weekly hours. While some managers don’t mind showing every employee’s scheduled hours to the full staff, for those that prefer, they now have the option to hide total weekly scheduled hours for every employee.



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Staff Scheduling Software Improves Work Schedule Communication

October 28, 2011 | 3,290 views

ScheduleBase, the latest staff scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, is improving the way work schedules are communicated and simplifying how schedules are made. All types of businesses are gravitating to ScheduleBase because of its flexibility and ease of use, including restaurants, banks, hotels, retail stores, and service and medical professionals, to name just a few. What our users say.


How to communicate work schedules


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