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Eliminate and Avoid Employee Burnout

March 11, 2020 | 821 views

Eliminate and Avoid Employee Burnout
Eliminate and Avoid Employee Burnout

We live in a culture that rewards the workaholic. At times, maybe you’ve been the one going in early, staying late, or putting in extra time on an important project. These efforts for the team seem like good engagement and a normal part of our working lives. Yet the results of too much of this goodness can create burned-out employees.

Symptoms of Burnout

When that reliable, always-says-yes employee starts to experience burn-out, it will be reflected in their behavior. Perhaps a short fuse is more common, or she backs away from projects that were normally a favorite. Worse, productivity may decrease and absenteeism may increase. These are all signs that an employee no longer has the fiery energy they once did.


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