Summer Employee Scheduling with Parks & Recreation Software

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Parks and Recreation Scheduling Software

Parks and Recreation Scheduling Software

Being active is not only fun, it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle that many seek out for the summer. As the summer season continues in full force, many Parks and Recreation Scheduling Departments have had to shift work schedules, accommodate numerous time off requests, fill last-minute scheduling voids, toggle full-time employee changes and hire many new part-time employees, all while struggling to find a way to effectively manage all of these required employee scheduling tasks.


While many of us are stuck working indoors, floating day-to-day with a normal work schedule and requiring nothing more than a simple day off here and there, there are many summer jobs out there demanding much more! As full-time and part-time employees everywhere continue to seek flexible schedules, even with unique summer positions, difficulties of scheduling coordinators everywhere continue to increase as well. While the list of summer jobs requiring effective recreation software and creative scheduling ways are endless, ScheduleBase has hand-picked a short list of five jobs that sound like a fun way to earn a paycheck for the summer and also require strategic scheduling on the part of a Parks and Recreation scheduling coordinator or department manager.


For anyone who dreams of working with kids, has a keen sense of direction and an appreciation for motivation, coaches get to do it all. This job is full of possibilities too, from working with small kids with a local tee ball program to working with teenagers and adults with an outdoor, sand volleyball league! You’re a fit for this job if you love to work with individuals of all ages, have knowledge of a variety of sports, and great communication skills.


Driving Range Picker
Like spending your time on the golf course? Do you love a work schedule with early morning hours? You can do it this summer with this job. Retrieving golf balls can be an excellent way to earn summer time cash. Most all golf courses have a pond which numerous balls sink to the bottom, sometimes even really expensive balls. If you’re able to commit to a flexible work schedule consisting of a 4am or 5am start time or near dark end times, a driving range picker job may be perfect for you!


Lawn & Landscaping
If you want a rosy job, why not consider working with your local Parks and Recreation Department in creating stunning summer landscape designs or general lawn care? If you love caring for all types of plants, or enjoy mowing grass, then submit your application today! Your schedule may consist of multiple locations where work is needed and jobs and projects of all sizes to be completed, but working in the outdoor sun with schedule flexibility makes lawn and landscaping positions highly sought after this time of year.


Ropes Course Leader
A Ropes Course is a series of group activities including physical, mental, and emotional challenges for people of all ages! A combination of teamwork skills, physical dexterity, effective problem solving, and trust is required to successfully complete the course. If you’re looking for a challenging summer job, working as a Ropes Course Leader will more than do the trick. Plan to work with boys and girls of all ages in a challenging outdoor team building activity which usually consists of high and low rope elements. Having open availability is a must as many managers and recreation scheduling coordinators working with ropes course employee scheduling need to accommodate many different session times throughout the day.


A summer job list wouldn’t be complete without the Lifeguard! With this job, you’ll save lives, prevent accidents and ensure families are having a good time safely at your local pool. You’ll have to learn water safety and lifesaving skills, pass a swim and written test, and earn your CPR certification. However, there’s no denying it – if you want to spend your days under the sun and by the water, this might be the perfect summer job for you! Plan to have your schedule open during primetime sunlight hours, typically from around 11am to 7pm in the evening with many changes to pick up open shifts based on scheduling demand.


Premier Parks and Recreation Scheduling Software

So why should Park and Recreation Departments consider software to manage online employee scheduling? The answer you’ll get from ScheduleBase is simple. We know that employee scheduling is rarely easy, but it doesn’t have to be unbelievably complicated either. You do not have to put months of effort or tens of thousands of dollars into a software program that eventually forces you, from frustration, to revert back to your old scheduling ways, typically consisting of pencil and paper or spreadsheets.


Our software is simple. It’s effective and efficient. ScheduleBase customers are, well beaming with sunshine smiles when asked about their experience with our online recreation employee scheduling software. Whether you schedule recreational employees, basketball & volleyball court staff, ice rink supervisors, referees, or manage camps/clinics, leagues, special events, rental bookings, a full maintenance team, a few golf courses, a summer pool staff, complex concession areas and more, ScheduleBase has the simple Parks and Recreation software scheduling solution for you!


About ScheduleBase

ScheduleBase is online employee scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, the leader in providing employee scheduling software. In little to no time, businesses can schedule employees online and communicate work schedules by email, text message and mobile device. Put your scheduling online with Parks and Recreation software that saves time and money while offering your employees easier access to their schedules and an effective communication tool for you.

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