Staff Scheduling Software Improves Work Schedule Communication

October 28, 2011 | 3,291 views

ScheduleBase, the latest staff scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, is improving the way work schedules are communicated and simplifying how schedules are made. All types of businesses are gravitating to ScheduleBase because of its flexibility and ease of use, including restaurants, banks, hotels, retail stores, and service and medical professionals, to name just a few. What our users say.


How to communicate work schedules

Getting schedules into the hands of employees is a real challenge. There’s nothing more frustrating to managers than employees who don’t know when they work, resulting in tardiness and no-shows that affect productivity and customer satisfaction. Now, managers using ScheduleBase are eliminating the problems because they can send work schedules by email and text message quickly and efficiently to each employee. After adding the employee to ScheduleBase, the manager invites employee the employee to ScheduleBase by entering the employee’s email address. This gives employees access to ScheduleBase where communication preferences are selected, so works schedules, and any last minute changes, are received by email and text message.


How to schedule employees with ease

ScheduleBase makes creating employee schedules easy because there is no setup. Managers just list their employees and start scheduling. Work schedules can be entered in seconds and, if you schedule shift times, ScheduleBase automatically calculates hours scheduled and coverage. Managers with information that is assigned frequently can be added to ScheduleBase’s list of presets for even easier one-click scheduling.


If you struggle with communicating your schedule to employees, or find your current staff scheduling software program isn’t getting the job done, make the switch to ScheduleBase. Try our online staff scheduling software free for a full month. You’ll be glad you did.

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