Sleeping on the Job? Yes, please!

June 5, 2019 | 3,893 views

Sleeping on the Job? Yes, please!
Sleeping on the Job? Yes, please!

Sleeping on the job is the topic of many a Blondie comic strip. Yet, Dagwood Bumstead may have been on to something good. Doctors, medical interns, and nurses have valued naps for ages; hospitals even provide a place to sleep for those with long shifts. So, maybe it is time for businesses to consider the value of allowing employees to take a nap on the job.

Years of research document the value of good sleep and naps, and doctors support the value of taking naps, but somehow, our society attached a stigma to daytime sleep. Historically, we’ve viewed mid-day snoozes as a sign of laziness and have kept that stigma alive. Still, maybe having a nap room at work is a wise idea.

Personal & Business Benefits of a Nap

Those who catnap at least a few times each week have better health in the form of fewer heart issues, lower stress levels, and reduced fatigue. As employees, people who take catnaps demonstrate better decision-making ability and higher recall of facts while making fewer mistakes.

We can’t control how much sleep people get at home nor control their home schedule, so maybe business owners need to consider the value of offering a place for employees to lay a weary head during their break. By incorporating this snooze-friendly environment, leaders are encouraging employees to perform at their best level.

You’re Not Sleeping Alone

If you’d like to take a short nap, you’re in good company. Some of the world’s most successful people took regular naps, including famous presidents, artists, and military leaders. Each saw their mid-day siesta as fundamental to their creativity and success in politics.

A quick power nap has myriad benefits. Naps help lose weight and rid the body of stress. When employees recharge, they improve their creativity, problem-solving ability, and boost their mood—all indicators of productivity.

Today, several major companies encourage power snoozes during the work day, even providing separate rooms and scheduling appointment times. Some are fully booked days in advance to set aside time before important meetings or creative sessions.

Is it so hard to imagine that 10 to 20 minutes of sleep could be helpful? Employees need a break, anyway, most of the time, so why not encourage something that is helpful to your organization? Take the lead from government research and medical doctors. Encourage employees to get a bit of shut-eye so they can come back refreshed—and ready to contribute to your success.

Author Profile Jon Forknell is the Vice President and General Manager of Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., a software marketing company specializing in employee scheduling software, including ScheduleBase employee scheduling software, and other business software solutions. In the past, Jon has been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Atlas Business Solutions was named as one of Software Magazine’s Top 500 Software Companies in 2004 through 2007, and 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018.    

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