Scheduling Software Supports Flexible Work Schedules

August 5, 2020 | 883 views

Scheduling Software Supports Flexible Work Schedules
Scheduling Software Supports Flexible Work Schedules

We’ve heard so much about the “great pause” of 2020—this temporary reduction or shutdown of businesses and industry. Going forward means that there will also be a “great reset,” too. And when it comes to scheduling resets for staff, this is a good time to reimagine the possibilities for your business’s scheduling needs.

If the coronavirus’s impact on working has not yet been enough to force you into more flexible work schedules, there are plenty of other good reasons to offer flexible schedule options to your employees. Employees prefer flexibility for different reasons. Some may have medical issues that need regular attention. Others may want to pick up their children at school during the day. No matter the reason, your staff will be more satisfied when their schedules accommodate their personal needs.

But wait. There’s more. Your organization reaps the benefits, too, in multiple ways:

Happier employees work better and stay longer. Employees who feel valued are happier in their roles. With lower employee turnover, you don’t have to spend time on recruitment and training. And salaried employees work longer hours when they receive flexibility in their work schedules.

Productivity increases. When schedules flex to meet employee needs, the employees are more productive. They feel valued and are more dedicated. Increasing productivity often seems difficult, but flexible work schedules create better returns with less cost and fewer hours.

You’ll discover better job candidates. Nearly 80% of job seekers consider flexible schedules a valuable benefit. If you offer various work schedule options, more candidates will seek out your organization. It is so valuable that most prefer flexible hours over a higher salary.

It saves money. With higher productivity and less turnover, you will save valuable dollars that you would normally spend on recruitment and training—both expensive activities. Plus the benefit keeps wages more manageable because it’s so valuable.

All that flexibility means that you need an automated solution for more complicated schedules. With ScheduleBase, you can customize schedules that please employees and save you money:

  1. Managers can post schedules from anywhere and communicate easily and quickly with employees. If some employees have different hours, it is easy to see which tasks are covered to suit your needs.
  2. All employees receive opportunities for flex work options via computer or mobile device.
  3. Teams can receive updates of schedule changes automatically and work together to create the best scheduling options for all stakeholders. Increases efficiency on projects while also benefiting employees’ scheduling preferences.
  4. Employees can request shift changes easily within the software. Any changes are immediately shared automatically and quickly.

By using automated scheduling software, flexible scheduling is easier to provide and to manage. The result is a win-win for employers and employees. 

Author Profile Jon Forknell is the Vice President and General Manager of Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., a software marketing company specializing in employee scheduling software, including ScheduleBase employee scheduling software, and other business software solutions. In the past, Jon has been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Atlas Business Solutions was named as one of Software Magazine’s Top 500 Software Companies in 2004 through 2007, and 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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