Scheduling Software and Summer Fun?

August 3, 2012 | 3,436 views

Does scheduling software really go hand-in-hand with summer fun? We think it can!


What would you rather be doing on a beautiful summer day other than stuck in your office writing a work schedule by hand? Golfing, perhaps? Maybe some gardening? How about a long walk down by the water? We can think of a thousand things and bet you can too.


ScheduleBase online employee scheduling software can help you get your summer work schedules done quickly, saving you valuable time; time that you can spend doing other summer-time fun things. It’s simple and easy to use and communicates schedules and changes instantly!


Now, we’re not pretending that using ScheduleBase will immediately get you out of your office on every nice summer day, but we do know that when you save time and communicate the work schedule online, by email and text, there might be a few extra hours in the week that you could use to do something more enjoyable. Maybe fishing…or watching the Olympics…or more fishing?


If you haven’t yet tried ScheduleBase yet, we invite you to give it a try risk free and without any commitment other than a few minutes of your precious time. We know you’ll be glad you did.


Now go turn on the Olympics. Or better yet… go fishing!

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