ScheduleBase Employee Scheduling Software Helps Franchisees

September 20, 2013 | 5,061 views

Growing number of franchises rely on new technology to put work schedules into employees’ hands


Employee scheduling is a common headache many franchisees struggle with. Making sure employees know when they need to work, especially those who work part-time, can be time consuming and frustrating. Franchise owners and managers need to make work schedules more accessible than a piece of paper pinned to a corkboard in the back room or an outdated spreadsheet emailed to staff.


ScheduleBase from Atlas Business Solutions, a leader in employee scheduling software for over 20 years, makes work schedules visible and facilitates manager and employee communication. Here’s how it works:


  1. Managers create an online account and invite staff to ScheduleBase.
  2. Staff login to ScheduleBase and enter their communication preferences – text or email – and  availability.
  3. Managers assign work times, shifts, jobs, notes, etc. and post schedules.
  4. Staff receives schedules and changes by text message and email or views schedules online.

“With ScheduleBase, staff can quickly view schedules or submit requests without having to visit or call the store, which means happier employees,” said Brian Thompson, General Manager of Fowler Subway Franchises, which operates multiple Subway stores in Minnesota and North Dakota. “ScheduleBase has reduced tardiness because work schedules are readily available and employee phone calls and stop-ins have reduced, making on-duty staff more productive,” said Thompson.


Employee scheduling is painful for all sorts of franchises, including automotive, food, health and personal care, lodging, retail and service businesses. According to Joe Ziegler, Guest Service Manager at Holiday Inn Express in Butte, Montana, “Until ScheduleBase, we used to get hand-delivered notes for time off and other requests. Now everything is done online, which reduces errors.”


Fewer Headaches for Managers and Employees

ScheduleBase streamlines communication between managers and employees. Gone are the days of handwritten time-off requests, forgotten conversations about availability or switching shifts, and the endless games of phone tag. From any computer or mobile device, employees can make schedule requests and update availability and contact information. Managers can review requests and see availability when scheduling employees and communicate work schedules or changes instantly to employees via email or text message. Since work schedules are online, staff can always check to see when they work.


About ScheduleBase

ScheduleBase is Software as a Service (SaaS) from Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. ScheduleBase helps businesses schedule employees and communicate work schedules. Plans start at $10 per month for scheduling up to 20 employees and free trial accounts are available. Mobile apps are complimentary and allow users to view and update schedules, submit and approve requests and more. ScheduleBase is a registered trademark of Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. For more information, please visit


About Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. has been offering business software solutions for over 20 years. Software products include PC and SaaS offerings. Atlas Business Solutions is best known for its employee scheduling software, but also offers software for human resources, appointments, business planning and financial forecasting. Atlas Business Solutions has been recognized as a Software Magazine’s Top 500 Software Company for six out of the last 10 years. For more information, please visit

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