Schedule Time to Improve Your Salon

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Improve Your Salon Scheduling

Improve Your Salon Scheduling

Salons and spas have become a necessity these days, due to the increasing demand for self grooming and stress management. This same demand has also increased the need for an effective way to better manage salon employee schedules since these staff members are vital in serving clients walking through the door.


As it does with most businesses, employee scheduling has a very important place in the world of salons everywhere. There isn’t a salon manager out there who hasn’t felt the pressure of trying to find a last-minute stylist to fill a shift because of unexpected daily volume or unforeseen appointments.


Whether it is a large salon franchise or a small corner salon, it’s highly unlikely that a salon manager isn’t looking for a way to better manage his or her staff. As if the overwhelming and tedious tasks of managing current clients, registering new data, running daily chores and balancing other internal and external factors aren’t enough, throw in the requirement of successfully meeting the demands of employee schedules, rotating shifts or weekends, scheduling changes and missed appointments to send a salon manager running for the door.

Whether or not a salon manager feels the need to improve, ScheduleBase is listing a few ways for salon managers to improve the overall environment for employees and clients altogether.

Be an Example

There’s nothing more frustrating than a boss who thinks they’re an exception to the rule. It’s important to make sure you’re leading your salon team by example through your everyday actions. Be on time, display excellent customer service skills, and talk to employees as you want them to talk to you and each other.

Be Consistent

You are not doing anyone any favors by being a wishy-washy salon manager. It’s rather simple to be consistent and effective. Simply manage ALL areas of your salon to achieve positive and consistent growth, meet and exceed your salon goals, implement strategic daily decision making, provide positive and consistent client interaction and properly schedule your staff.

Set the Tone

What’s your typical mood like? Everyone has their bad days and moments of frustration, but if you settle into too negative of a pattern it’s going to spread to those you’re leading. Don’t spend endless amounts of time complaining about problems within the salon. Be professional and friendly to your employees. Don’t take out problems on the staff. Be upbeat and remember that the mood you present helps set the tone for the salon by the staff emulating it.

Let Them Lead

An overpowering management style is a good way to have frustrated and angry stylists. Let your team seize opportunities to lead and contribute. Don’t hover. Let them solve problems or gently guide them to solutions without being overbearing. Salon employees who have a chance to shine and be independent are likely to be the happiest.


A lot of focus is placed on the many benefits and advantages of using text messaging as a way of targeting customers. However, what many companies tend to forget is that text messaging is a great tool to use for easily communicating with employees as well. Salon managers everywhere are realizing the many benefits text messaging provides and have started using it for staff communication.

Access messages anytime, anywhere: staff can receive messages while on-the-go so that important notifications can always be picked up whether they are in the office, away off sick or out at a meeting. Using text messaging means that you can be assured your alerts will always be picked up and responded to from all of your salon employees.

About ScheduleBase

ScheduleBase is online employee scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, the leader in providing employee scheduling software. In little to no time, businesses can schedule employees online and communicate work schedules by email, text message and mobile device. Put your scheduling online and save time and money while offering your employees easier access to their schedules and an effective communication tool for you.

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