Retail Scheduling – Shopping For Simple Employee Scheduling Software

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Retail Scheduling

Retail Scheduling



One of the most important tasks of a retail manager is scheduling employees. Retail employee scheduling requires meeting the needs of the store, while satisfying the needs of employees. There are several ways to schedule employees in a retail environment. So how come the one thing most retail managers shop for and need, an employee scheduling tool that offers simple and flexible features, is so hard to find?


Most retail managers are looking for a basic retail employee scheduling program. A simple weekly or bi-weekly online schedule maker with days of the week across the top and a list of employees down the left side is an ideal retail schedule for most managers.



A schedule that can be created and communicated online without time-consuming phone calls and employee availability questions would be perfect. How nice would it be to have a tool that stops inconvenient employee pop-ins and daily sorting of Post-it notes? Is it too much to ask for a simple method of employee communication that gives retail managers the ability to text and email schedules to employees, have updated availability from each employee, and communicate instantly to each and every member of a work schedule?




ScheduleBase is online employee scheduling software for all businesses, including retail. A busy retail environment needs a software program which allows managers to create an easy-to-use online account and be able to enter employee’s information including name, availability, and hours scheduled. A simple post method that communicates schedules to employees via text message or email and allows for employees to communicate updates, changes, or requests back to the manager is all possible with the ScheduleBase scheduling software.


ScheduleBase also allows the scheduler and the employees to enter regular availability so there is never a question of when each employee can work.



Availability is displayed on the schedule under each day so you can easily see when an employee can or cannot work. ScheduleBase will also automatically calculate and display the number of actual hours an employee is scheduled to work. How convenient is it that simple online employee scheduling software understands most of the common ways retail managers enter shift times and is able to calculate scheduled hours and availability accordingly.




Even with today’s technology, there are still a good number of employees working in retail who prefer a traditional method of receiving schedules. As retail managers, the importance of understanding the responsibility to educate all employees and keep them up to date with workplace changes and trends is crucial. Take a moment to think. How would your employees react if you walked in to work tomorrow and told them you have an online scheduling tool which instantly communicates their work schedules via text and email? What if you told them they can also communicate their availability to you that doesn’t require calling, paper notes, leaving messages, or stopping by the store? Even better, how would you as a retail manager react if given the ability to drastically reduce no-shows, eliminate lost schedule excuses, and never have to respond to a Post-it note left on your computer screen again?


ScheduleBase offers opportunities for exactly this kind of retail employee scheduling convenience. With a simple and flexible online employee scheduling tool, having a way to schedule retail employees online along with expanding the communication options between manager and employee is a method that has been rarely experienced or even considered by most retail managers.


Communicating employee schedules and having access to an online scheduling program is a relatively new approach to retail employee scheduling. It is sure to provide an instant benefit for all retail managers who choose to use it. Retail managers must communicate to employees that moving their schedules online is a unique, but efficient method of schedule communication. With the ability to receive schedules via text, email, or mobile app, employee accountability is heightened to a new level. ScheduleBase not only provides an opportunity for retail managers to learn how to schedule employees more effectively, but for managers and schedulers of all industries to eliminate headaches and reduce the amount of time spent on scheduling.


About ScheduleBase


ScheduleBase is online employee scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, the leader in providing employee scheduling software. For as little as $10/month, businesses can schedule employees online and communicate work schedules by email, text message and mobile device. Other Atlas Business Solutions scheduling software include ScheduleAnywhere, Visual Staff Scheduler Pro, and Customer Appointment Manager.


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