Procrastination: Some Things Really Can’t Wait

September 18, 2019 | 3,424 views

Procrastination: Some Things Really Can’t Wait
Procrastination: Some Things Really Can’t Wait

“My ‘to-do’ list is so long,” I wail. How can I ever get it all completed? If you are a ‘doer’ like I am, the demands we put on ourselves can be overwhelming. The lists are long, the needs great, and numerous distractions tug at us every hour. As a result, sometimes the squeaky wheel does get tended while other more important things don’t receive the attention they deserve.

Sometimes, it’s easier to knock off ten small tasks rather than tackle the big one. But, as a business owner, we can’t procrastinate on those tasks that most contribute to our success in the long run. Some things really cannot wait.

Define and Constantly Refine Company Culture. A sole proprietor may never have created a clear mission statement, but if employees come on board, it is imperative that they adopt and perpetuate your goals. Company culture and environment in a growing business usually come from you first—one top-down characteristic that is best put in place and refined as the company grows. If reducing carbon use, for example, is something you value as part of a responsible organization, support this as part of the environment. Waiting to implement things you value will make it harder later.

Get and Stay Involved in Your Industry. Being a part of industry associations and networking within them can be instrumental in staying ahead of your competition. Industry organizations often provide research and useful data including forecasts that will affect you. You don’t want to be the last one to know of new legislation, for example.

Find Your Funding Sources. Even if you don’t need money right now, you eventually will. From my experience, unexpected changes, seasonality, and market fluctuations make this a priority. When you need money, it’s harder to get, so develop good banking and funding relationships as soon as possible. Perhaps you will never need the influx of cash, but if a client is late paying you, your employees still get their pay. Having cash available is critically important.

Invest in Technology and Software. Having the right tools makes the job easier. From accounting software that integrates with scheduling and payroll needs, find what works for your business as soon as possible. As you grow, it is better to have something in place than to introduce change to accommodate growth. Think scalability now so that your internal systems support you well in the future.

When there are major strategies to put in place, stay focused on those that you know will contribute to your long-term success. The ten smaller tasks feel good too, when you can check them off, but they create a false sense of achievement. Do not procrastinate on key projects that will prepare your business for its next great successes. Get ‘em done now.

Author Profile Jon Forknell is the Vice President and General Manager of Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., a software marketing company specializing in employee scheduling software, including ScheduleBase employee scheduling software, and other business software solutions. In the past, Jon has been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Atlas Business Solutions was named as one of Software Magazine’s Top 500 Software Companies in 2004 through 2007, and 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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