Plane Productivity: Why Working 30,000 Feet Above the Earth Makes You Productive

August 26, 2015 | 2,086 views

Plane Productivity: Why Working 30,000 Feet Above the Earth Makes You Productive

Plane Productivity: Why Working 30,000 Feet Above the Earth Makes You Productive

For many professionals, traveling isn’t an uncommon occurrence. You get used to kissing your kids goodbye for a few days before hopping on a plane to travel to a conference or client meeting. What happens during that travel time? Are you able to take your office with you?


Many people find the white noise of the plane’s engine and distraction free zone an ideal setting for being productive. Here’s why:


You Can’t Get Phone Calls or Text Messages


During your typical workday, how many times are you distracted by a phone call or text message? All that ringing and dinging is a surefire way to lose focus. One minute you’re in the zone, the next, you’re on a call talking about a whole new matter.


When you’re on a plane, you’re forced to go into airplane mode. Your phone can’t ring. You can’t text. The only distraction you might have is the occasional bump of elbows with the person next to you.


You Can’t Check Your Email (or Facebook or Twitter or…)


Wi-Fi is popping up on airplanes across the country and world. As enticing as it might be to pay $16 for a few hours of Internet access, resist. This is your opportunity to focus, away from the daily distractions of your inbox or favorite social network.


Your Co-Workers Can’t Drop In For a Quick (but Distracting) Water Cooler Chat


Co-workers, no matter how well-intentioned, are distracting. When you’re working at your desk and your co-worker decides to pop his head in to let you know there are donuts in the boardroom, you’re instantly torn away from your thought pattern and hit with a new, far less pressing issue.


On an airplane, there are no co-workers. Or, if you’re traveling with your team, chances are you’re seated in different parts of the plane. You get your entire tray table and seat to yourself to get in the zone without getting sucked into water cooler chat.


You’re Under a Time Crunch


You can’t work on your laptop for the duration of the flight. You power it on when you reach 10,000 feet and the timer starts. When you start your descent, you’ll have to power down again and cannot touch it until the wheels touch the ground. You’re working under a deadline, which forces you to work more efficiently.


Work Like You’re On a Plane


Sometimes, when you need a distraction free environment, set yourself up like you’re on a plane ride. Put your phone into airplane mode, close your office door, and set a timer. Give yourself 45 minutes to tackle as much as you can without logging into your email or social networks. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do when you’re acting like you’re soaring 30,000 feet above the earth.


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