Online Employee Scheduling Software to Support Employee Sharing

February 10, 2012 | 2,959 views

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve learned there’s a need to share employees across multiple schedules. Many ScheduleBase customers have employees who (1) work more than one position or job; or (2) work at multiple locations or stores. As we speak, our development team is working around the clock to improve our online employee scheduling software and its flexibility.


ScheduleBase customers will soon be able to create schedules for a particular position, department, group, location, etc., AND add the same person to multiple schedules. If a person is added to more than one schedule, each schedule will show information from the other schedule(s), making it easy to see when and where someone is scheduled. As always, ScheduleBase will automatically update employees by text and email as schedules are posted and changes are made.


We are committed to making ScheduleBase the best online employee scheduling software available. We know our customers love ScheduleBase’s unparalleled ease of use and this upcoming enhancement will make ScheduleBase even better. Thank you for trusting us with your online employee scheduling needs.


Standby for bigger and better things to come!

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