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Getting started with online employee scheduling has never been easier. ScheduleBase is the proven leader in effectively managing and communicating the complete manager-to-employee scheduling experience. We are giving you simple and free access to online employee scheduling and your next hassle-free scheduling experience is only a click away. You are not required to download or install any software and we do not ask for your credit card to try ScheduleBase. Setting up your account is simple. Without question, ScheduleBase gives you ultimate flexibility and a powerful tool to begin scheduling and communicating with your employees.


When signing up for your free trial of ScheduleBase, there is only one simple step to perform before you are on your way to online employee scheduling. To complete this step, find and complete our contact form (as seen below) and you will immediately have access to a schedule maker that instantaneously benefits both managers and employees.


Free Trial

After you have access to online scheduling capabilities, you can enter your employees information. It’s as simple as that. Again, no credit cards, no downloads, no waiting. Instant access for instant results. The free trial period from ScheduleBase gives you thirty days of convenience and employee communication to learn and perfect your new online employee scheduling software.


Once you arrive in your new online employee schedule program, a weekly calendar view is your starting point. From here, there is a simple path to creating an ideal schedule for your business. We have customized our online schedule maker with complete flexibility in mind and it works for any industry. If you are a business with a single location, you should instantly begin entering your team members by clicking on the “People” tab and then “Add New Person” as shown below.


Click People & Add New


Be ready with your employees’ names and emails. In order to effectively communicate your online schedule to your employees, a valid email from any email account will be needed to get them started. Once you have this information, make sure you tell each one of your employees to keep an eye open for an email invite from ScheduleBase.


Invite Employees to your Schedule


Your employees will love the fact that they are able to receive their schedules, update availability, request time or shifts off, and communicate changes instantly via email and text. Now finish entering your complete employee roster (with emails) and you will soon be onto the final steps of creating your very first “cool” schedule for your workplace.


ScheduleBase Add Employees

Your communication with employees along with your online employee scheduling experience should be as uncomplicated as possible. ScheduleBase is a must-have tool if you wish to implement a complete management-to-employee communication experience in your workplace. Old habits and new habits will co-exist as you maintain the option to print your schedule to post in and around your place of business or hand deliver to staff members. Your employees will now be able to see individual or staff schedules, view schedules with any mobile device, and ultimately improve their communication with you.


ScheduleBase is the newest product from Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., the innovative leader in easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, business management software. We hope that you find this initial account setup feature useful and be on the lookout for more useful tips from ScheduleBase!


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