New Work Schedule Features for Online Staff Scheduling Software

November 4, 2011 | 3,176 views

Employee Scheduling Software Features

New Employee Scheduling Software Features

Recently, we launched new ScheduleBase features that make our staff scheduling software even better. Based on customer feedback, the new viewing options improve the way staff see work schedules online.


And, now managers can customize the online work schedule to:


Show or hide weekly hours. While some managers don’t mind showing every employee’s scheduled hours to the full staff, for those that prefer, they now have the option to hide total weekly scheduled hours for every employee.


Show only posted schedules. No more peeking at work schedules until they’ve been posted by a manager! As soon as a manager posts a schedule, employees still get their work schedules by text message and email, but the schedule is hidden online until the manager posts the schedule for viewing.


Show everyone’s availability and requests. To make shift swapping easier and to allow employees to find people to work for them, managers can choose to show employee availability and requests on the work schedule. Employees will be able to go online, see who can work for them, and make a swap request.


We hope you like the improvements we’ve made. Stay tuned for more enhancements coming soon to make employee scheduling even easier.

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