Is Your Management Style Causing Employee Stress?

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Is Your Management Style Causing Employee Stress

Is Your Management Style Causing Employee Stress

Every small business manager has a management style, whether he or she knows what it is, or not. A manager’s approach on how to run an operation greatly affects employees’ motivation and willingness to buy into what is being advertised. The most effective managers have a unique ability to vary their styles depending on each employee’s knowledge and ability, the task at hand, time restrictions, and many other unforeseen factors. If you are a manager who has this fortunate skill, you will most likely win over your employees and inspire them to do their best at all times.


Unfortunately, there is another side to this story. Some managers do, in fact, fail to grasp the various ways to manage and do not have a remarkable ability to influence and communicate. Believe it or not, there are managers who simply do not know how to adjust to employee’s personalities, while there are others who simply don’t care and only work with a “my way or the highway” approach. An attitude like this will most certainly result in employee stress within the workplace.


It’s definitely unfair to say that there is a “perfect leader” or an ideal way to manage. Every manager is different. However, there is always something every small business manager can learn about managing employees and doing so will only help strengthen the working relationship between leader and follower. So, even if you are the manager who already has a solid rapport with your employees, or you are the boss who is on the verge of being run out the door by your staff, ScheduleBase is providing you with a few ways you can become a better manager and avoid worsening stress amongst your employees and work environment.


Don’t Back Out On Your Ideas

As a manager of your small business, you are not only responsible for coming up with the next big idea, but you also have to build excitement and get your employees on board with where you are going. If you have a strong, motivated staff, this shouldn’t be too difficult. However, one thing you need to be sure of is to follow through with your plan. There is nothing more frustrating and stressful to employees than when a great idea is not completed or even forgotten, especially when their time or effort has already been utilized to some degree.


Indecisiveness Hurts

One of a manager’s most important jobs is to communicate clearly, including solid goals for what your employees should be achieving. Put yourself in an employee’s position for a moment. Would you rather have a manager who doesn’t decide at all or one who is indecisive all of the time? It is interesting to think about how you would react if presented with this situation. Some managers are so afraid of making mistakes that they spend more time trying not to make any than they do actually managing their staff members. Even further, this same type of manager is so afraid of his or her employees and how they will respond when the “wrong decision” is made.


Most managers don’t realize that by being indecisive, they cause unnecessary staff stress and eventually drive their employees crazy. Your job as a manager is to lead, even if this means making a mistake every once in awhile. By learning to make a decision and stick with it, your employees will know they can count on you and respect will be earned.


Deal With Problematic Employees

It’s a fact that every business environment changes. A more experienced boss, a different location, a better product, or a new employee. We’ve all been part of something similar. But, what happens when an employee is simply not as talented as others or doesn’t appear to care as much? Well, we think employee stress. It’s not uncommon for employees to become frustrated after working hard while a coworker continues to perform mediocre at best, or is just plain lazy. If you have someone on your team who doesn’t work hard or produce results and these actions are becoming increasingly noticeable to your other employees, it’s time to make a move and address the problem. Seeing a low performer stick around month after month is terrible for the rest of your staff’s morale and is a good way to eventually lose your top employees.


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Do you point out and celebrate your employees’ good work? This is an easy way to make people smile. Making your employees happy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for your business. Your employees want to feel valued. If you feel that people’s recognition comes only via their paycheck, you’re going to have employees who are increasingly unwilling to go above and beyond for you. Reaffirm your employees of their hard work. Thank them publicly, give them extra time off, make them a part of important decisions you have to make and make sure their work is visible to other employees and other managers within your business.


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