Is Work-Life Balance a Real Concern?

October 28, 2015 | 2,409 views

Is Work-Life Balance a Real Concern?

Is Work-Life Balance a Real Concern?

Ah, work-life balance. It’s one of those cliche terms that has everyone in the business world buzzing. No matter whether it’s an executive, a front desk staff member, or a manager, everyone seems to experience a struggle with work-life balance.


Is this a real concern?


In many businesses it is. Employees feel pressured to show up to shifts or take on co-workers shifts, even when it means missing out on family time. Managers notoriously work late to make sure the job gets done well. Executives are constantly perched at their desk trying to find the next big idea to help the business thrive.


No matter what role you’re in, work-life balance is difficult. To help you and your employees become better at it, here are a few helpful tips.


Create a Scheduling Plan


Having a plan in place is the first step toward getting everyone on the same page and ensuring things flow smoothly. When it comes to work-life balance, no plan is as important as scheduling.


Design a plan that’ll make it easy for employees and team members to request time off. Then, keep everyone in the firm in-the-loop by using an online scheduling app accessible anywhere, anytime. This way, the entire team knows what to expect at work, what shifts they’re better able to miss for appointments, or how to make plans away from the workplace.


Encourage Your Employees to Have a Hobby


How easy is it for people to leave work at work? For many professionals, it’s tough.


Encouraging your employees to pick up a hobby or enjoy activities outside of the office is healthy. They’ll feel more energized in the workplace, more inspired to get their job done well, and they’ll be happier overall. For employees working with customers or contributing to the overall happiness on the team, this is a must.


Engage in Philanthropic Work


One part of work-life balance that’s rarely talked about is happiness in the workplace. If an employee feels fulfilled in their job, work doesn’t feel like such a four-letter word. It is fun, enjoyable, and something they’re proud to do.


One way to get your team to feel happier at work is to engage in philanthropic work. Get them out of the office and into the community. They’ll love the feeling of giving back. It’ll establish pride in your business and give your team more of a reason to enjoy going into work each day.


Work-Life Balance Can Happen


There’s no secret formula for the perfect balance between time in the office and time away from work. By using these tips you can create a better feeling of work-life balance just by making your place of employment a little bit more flexible, supportive, and enjoyable.



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