How to Make Money When You’re On Vacation

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How to Make Money When You’re On Vacation

How to Make Money When You’re On Vacation

It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Making money while you sip a piña colada and soak up the sun on a beach somewhere. Yet for most business owners, getting that far away from the store sends ripples of panic down the spine.



  • What happens if someone calls in sick or quits while I’m gone?
  • What will happen to my profits?
  • How can I make sure my team keeps making sales?




Use your Autoresponder Effectively


Before you travel, you’ll probably set up an autoresponder to let people know they can expect a slightly delayed response from you. Use this effectively.


Instead of just saying that you’re out of the office, make an enticing offer. Give a link to a free report that can be downloaded in your absence. Show off your brand’s personality with a quirky, fun-loving message. You’ll continue to sell your brand, even when you’re unplugged.


Download a Few Important Apps


Let’s face it. Some problem will inevitably arise when you’re thousands of miles away. Give yourself the tools to feel comfortable enough to make quick adjustments. For example, downloading ScheduleBase will help you make on-the-fly updates to the schedule, so you know that your store is always well-staffed. Or, download Evernote to jot down quick notes to tackle when you return, so you never worry about missing an opportunity.


With these, you can keep your business up and running without stealing too much time away from your vacation.


Set Your Content Up for Success


Do you use content to market your brand? Do you post to your blog? Do you use social media? Set them up for success before you leave.


Schedule posts on your blog, and subsequent posts on your social media profile. If you have a trusted social media person in your company, show her the schedule before you go so she knows what’s in the pipeline. Or, if you’re the only one managing the social media posts, hire a virtual assistant to stay on top of customer engagements. The goal is to make it look like you’re still there and everything is running as usual, when in reality, you’ll be on a fun adventure.


Set the Expectations


Before you go, set expectations among your team.


When can they expect to hear from you? If you plan to completely unplug, congratulations! Let them know that before you go.


You’ll also want to set up accountability for each team member before you leave. Create a list of what you expect out of each person and go through it line by line.


Offer Incentives for Increased Profits


After you’ve set the expectations, give your team a little more incentive to keep your business running smoothly. Eliminate excuses for your staff to drop the ball while you’re gone by motivating them with performance rewards. You’ll give your team a reason to work harder for you while you’re on vacation. More importantly, you’ll show your team that you’re still paying attention to what they’re doing, even though you’re enjoying your travels.



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