How to Help Student Employees Be More Productive

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How to Help Student Employees Be More Productive

How to Help Student Employees Be More Productive

There are tons of benefits to hiring a student.


  • They’re comfortable with new technology;
  • They’re focused on long-term success;
  • They’re able to work longer, odder hours;
  • And they’re okay with receiving entry level salaries.


You’re convinced it’s the right decision, but what do you on day one? How can you maximize this new relationship so your business and your intern have the most success? The answer lies in your student’s productivity.


The more productive your student is on the job, the happier she’ll feel at work and the better she’ll do. To keep your new hire on task and working hard toward a common goal, try this starting on day one.


Define Their Role Within Your Organization


How does your new employee’s role fit in with your organization’s overall mission and goals? Students often feel that their role is temporary, which makes them feel less important in the grand scheme of your business. Let her know from day one how she fits in.


To keep her working hard, she has to understand how her job affects the rest of the company. If she’s manning the front desk of your hotel, she needs to understand the impact her service has on your overall reviews, return business, and referral business. Define this role on day one so she immediately feels her worth in your company. This will spur her to work harder for your success.


Create a Well-Planned Roadmap


It’s important to remember that any hire is the new kid on the block at some point. Show her the way so she knows what’s expected of her. Creating a well-planned roadmap gives your employee a guide so she spends less time guessing what she should be doing and more time working.


Set a Reasonable Schedule


With the roadmap in place you and your students will be chomping at the bit, ready to start. Before you do, consider your schedule. Will it accommodate your student’s classes and homework needs? Using online employee scheduling software, setup the schedule and get feedback from your student to ensure everyone’s needs are met.


Set Goals


Goals are often used as motivation to push a little harder to succeed. Setting goals for all your employees, no matter their role in your organization, drives them to work toward something bigger. This difference breaks employees out of the mentality of doing the daily grind without an end in sight. It gives them something to strive for.


Establish Milestones (and Celebrate Them Too)


Once your goals are set, establish milestones. When will you celebrate? How will you celebrate? Dangle a carrot in front of the goal so your student has even more to work toward. She’ll have more fun on the job and enjoy the reward at the end of her achievements. This type of appreciation goes a long way among students who aren’t always recognized for their efforts.


Follow Up


At the end of her employment, she might be finished with you but she’s not finished with her career – she’s just getting started. To leave a lasting impression, follow up with her. Have a closing lunch meeting on her last day and recap what she’s learned. Not only will you solidify her job well done but you’ll also learn how you can improve the process for future student hires.


Students bring a tremendous amount of value to a company. With these simple steps you can maximize both their success and yours.


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