How Much Time and Money Can Scheduling Employees Online Save?

November 11, 2011 | 3,555 views

If you’re thinking about scheduling your employees online, it’s likely you already recognize that there are time and money savings associated with taking manual elements out of your process. In fact, customers of our online employee scheduling tool, ScheduleBase, are quick to identify how easily they were able to reduce the hours required to prepare work schedules, and the cost savings that resulted.


What may be less obvious, are the savings ScheduleBase customers experienced from the communication improvements realized after switching to scheduling employees online. Because ScheduleBase is immediately available to both managers and employees via internet access, road blocks to sharing work schedules, employee availability, and schedule changes are virtually eliminated. Again, this helps improve the bottom line with measurable time and money savings.


If you want quick access to available employees

Moving your work schedules online makes information readily available and organized for quick access. With ScheduleBase, staff availability, including any special scheduling requests, is updated automatically when entered by employees, and it’s displayed onscreen for quick reference as managers enter schedules.


If you want immediate availability of schedules

All finished schedules are immediately available via the internet, and ScheduleBase also provides the ability to communicate work schedules instantly by email and text message.


If you want improved communication

Because schedules are often subject to change, online scheduling with an easy to use tool like ScheduleBase means communicating schedule changes is fast.


So, if you’re ready to switch, you can try ScheduleBase free for a full month and experience your own time and money savings from scheduling employees online.

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