Hiring Talent: How to Find the Best of the Bunch For Your Business

August 12, 2015 | 1,944 views

Hiring Talent: How to Find the Best of the Bunch For Your Business

Hiring Talent: How to Find the Best of the Bunch For Your Business

Ever notice how some people are exceptional on paper and in the interview, but when they get into the workplace, they leave you underwhelmed? These people are professional applicants. For recruiters, they pose a big time challenge.



Hiring the wrong people is costly. One survey estimated that a bad hire could cost an organization $25,000.


Finding the right talent is essential to your business if you want to stay productive and profitable. You need the right team to keep your everyday jobs running smoothly, keep your customers happy, and keep your business moving upward. To help you find the best talent in the pool of applicants, take a second look at the factors you’re using to bring in new employees.


Refine Your Criteria

Are you looking for the right attributes in your applicants? Many businesses look for people with the skills to match the job description, but hiring the best talent must go beyond that. It must incorporate inherent abilities and work styles to fit in with your company and current team.


When searching for the right employee to hire, consider these factors first.


How creative is this person?

Sure, the person might be able to complete the tasks at hand, but what about your growth? Your employees are your boots on the ground. They’re the ones who talk to your customers and get to know the market demands. With a creative employee working on your team, you can come up with better ideas to build your business and boost your brand.


Does this person play well with others?

No talented person will be able to give you the outcome you need if he’s not playing well with the others on his team. Compatibility in the workplace is essential to productivity and company morale. Check past resources to determine how many feathers he ruffled before bringing him on board.


Will this person stick around?

The onboarding process is a tough one. It requires nurturing employees, teaching new skills and getting them up-to-speed with what your company expects. You want to hire someone who will stick around. Looking at past work history is a good indicator of this. Did the person flee each job at any sign of a problem? Or did he stick through the tough times with the company?


Does this person fit in with your culture?

Kindness isn’t the only thing you must consider. The way the applicant fits in with your company culture matters too. For example, if your team is one that frequently holds Friday night happy hours and company parties to celebrate milestones, you need an employee who will participate in the fun. If you hire someone who will only work and won’t play, chances are it’s a bad fit.



Dig deeper into your search for top talent. Don’t just look at skills and experience. Look closer at personal attributes, attitudes, and situational awareness. For you to find the right fit and for your top talent to stick around, you need to answer these questions before making your hire.

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