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Easy Employee Scheduling Software Now Shows Big Picture

May 12, 2014 | 3,499 views

Sample 3-Week Work Schedule

Sample 3-Week Work Schedule

ScheduleBase employee scheduling software gets a new 3- and 4-week view this week. These new views let users easily view past schedules, when preparing a work schedule, and make it easier to see further into the future. Customers have been asking to see more days on-screen and this will help make employee scheduling even easier for many of our users. Our goal is to make ScheduleBase the easiest way to schedule and communicate with your people without having to break the bank. Please keep the feedback coming. We love it! More exciting news coming soon…

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ScheduleBase iPhone App Now Available – Online Employee Schedules

September 24, 2012 | 4,811 views


We are excited to announce that the ScheduleBase iPhone app is now available on iTunes. With the release of our new app, communicating online employee schedules from any iPhone is only a free click away. Get the app and you will be viewing your schedules instantly on your iPhone. To download the app, just follow us to iTunes. Checking your online employee schedules could not be easier or more convenient. Stay up-to-date with ScheduleBase and get the iPhone app today!


ScheduleBase Iphone App in Itunes



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Android App for ScheduleBase Now Available

August 15, 2012 | 5,103 views


Get the ScheduleBase Android App

ScheduleBase Android App

ScheduleBase has some great news for owners of Android devices. With the release of our new ScheduleBase Android app, checking your work schedule just got a whole lot easier. Our free app, available now at Google Play, makes checking schedules as easy as one click on your Android device. Scroll from week to week with the flick of a finger and easily stay informed of schedule changes. Get the app and you’ll be viewing your schedule instantly on your handheld Android device. To download the app, just go to Google Play and search “ScheduleBase.” Checking your schedule could not be easier or more convenient. Get the Android app today! iPhone users stand by…

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ScheduleBase Employee Scheduling Software Gets New Two-Week View

August 8, 2012 | 3,887 views

ScheduleBase Two-Week View

Two-Week View

ScheduleBase announces an exciting addition to the ScheduleBase online employee scheduling software platform. If viewing one week of your schedule is not enough, you now have the option of a new two-week view. This feature makes it very easy for a scheduler to view this week’s schedule while making next week’s schedule. The time savings of not having to click back and forth is substantial. The only change schedule makers will notice is the location of the post schedule tool, which is now located above each weekly schedule. Even though you can view two weeks of schedules at a time, each week is still posted individually to give you the greatest amount of control and flexibility when it comes to posting your schedules. You can easily switch back and forth between one-week or two-week views under the Options menu.


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Online Employee Scheduling Software Expands Reporting Options

June 22, 2012 | 3,492 views has upgraded its reporting options to include availability, requests and on-screen calculations when printing work schedules. Now printed schedules can display the same information you see when logged into, which makes it easier to communicate the information that went into creating staff schedules.


Printed employee work schedules can now include:


• Total hours scheduled per employee
• Total scheduled hours per day
• Total scheduled personnel per day, by shift, job, group or time
• Employee availability
• Employee notes and time-off requests



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June 5, 2012 | 9,434 views

ScheduleBase Mobile View

ScheduleBase Makes Mobile Easy

We are excited and proud to announce the launch of a mobile-friendly version of online employee scheduling software. Now, in addition to receiving work schedules via email and text message, employees can easily check work schedules anytime and anywhere from their web-enabled smartphones. For quick and easy access, the mobile site is designed to work across all operating systems, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Apple, and all mobile devices. Plus, we’ve uniquely designed our online scheduling app so that no software installation is required for mobile access.




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Online Employee Scheduling Software Now Supports Employee Sharing Across Schedules

April 12, 2012 | 3,747 views

Users of ScheduleBase online employee scheduling software can now create schedules for a particular position, department, group, location, etc., and add the SAME person to more than one schedule. This makes it easy for managers to schedule employees who are cross trained or work in multiple departments or locations.


How does this help me schedule my people?

If you have employees who routinely work in more than one department or location, this new feature is for you. When enabled, ScheduleBase simply shares an individual’s availability and scheduling information across multiple schedules. This allows managers to quickly see if a person is already scheduled somewhere else as they are building a schedule.


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Online Employee Scheduling Software to Support Employee Sharing

February 10, 2012 | 2,886 views

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve learned there’s a need to share employees across multiple schedules. Many ScheduleBase customers have employees who (1) work more than one position or job; or (2) work at multiple locations or stores. As we speak, our development team is working around the clock to improve our online employee scheduling software and its flexibility.


ScheduleBase customers will soon be able to create schedules for a particular position, department, group, location, etc., AND add the same person to multiple schedules. If a person is added to more than one schedule, each schedule will show information from the other schedule(s), making it easy to see when and where someone is scheduled. As always, ScheduleBase will automatically update employees by text and email as schedules are posted and changes are made.


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Employee Request Responses Now Delivered by Email and Text Message

December 21, 2011 | 3,000 views

Employees no longer have to log in to ScheduleBase to see if a manager has responded to a work schedule request. If a manager enters a message into an employee’s request, the employee will automatically receive an email, text message or both with the details of the message. For example, if John Smith enters a request, such as “I’d like today off,” his manager could enter “Approved” or “No problem” into the request and this information would be sent to John without him having to login to ScheduleBase. Schedule changes are still communicated to employees when the work schedule is posted. Employees are also notified if a requested has been deleted or marked as done.


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Managers Now Get Notifications by Email and Text Message

November 29, 2011 | 3,682 views

Managers no longer have to log in to ScheduleBase to see if employees have made special requests. If an employee makes a request, ScheduleBase automatically sends their manager an email and text message. The manager can simply log in to ScheduleBase to view the request and make the necessary schedule changes, if any. ScheduleBase simplifies the communication of work schedules, and now it helps managers stay more in touch with employee requests.


Thank you for using ScheduleBase as your online employee scheduling software! We hope you like the improvements we’ve made. Stay tuned for more enhancements coming soon to make employee scheduling and communication even easier.


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