A Helpful Lift – Moving Company Finds Online Employee Scheduling

October 4, 2012 | 5,278 views

Employee scheduling wreaks havoc on moving company’s daily routine


On Time Moving and Delivery is a moving company servicing all home and corporate relocation needs in Fort Worth, Texas. “Ensuring our customers’ needs are met and possessions are handled with care is top priority and we require effective employee scheduling to assure we arrive at the right place at the right time,” said Paul Pate, Owner, “And it starts with our employees being able to instantly receive schedules.”


There was a challenge of how employees were receiving their schedules at On Time Moving and Delivery. Pate added, “I was calling an employee the night before a shift or leaving messages hoping for a call back to confirm schedule changes. I even tried leaving a general voice mail message detailing employee shifts on an answering machine and required my employees to call and listen to the messages. We really needed better employee communication so we could effectively plan our day with scheduled moves.”


ScheduleBase allows for complete flexibility when scheduling movers


Pate manages a team of six employees at On Time Moving and Delivery that has been utilizing ScheduleBase, an online employee scheduling program, for over a year now. “I initially only found shift-based software that required an end time. I needed to have complete flexibility when creating my schedules and assigning shifts to movers. ScheduleBase provides that scheduling convenience,” added Pate.


The On Time Moving and Delivery team has improved communication a great deal since becoming a ScheduleBase customer. “Not all of my employees have daily email access, but they have immediate text access so it works perfectly,” says Pate. “I would definitely recommend ScheduleBase to other small businesses if they are looking to simplify their scheduling needs with a tool that is not complicated.”


ScheduleBase is accessible wherever there is Internet access and it communicates initial employee schedules along with ongoing changes via email and text messages. For On Time Moving and Delivery, this quick and easy method of managing employee scheduling needs keeps Pate and the team consistent with scheduled customer pick-ups and deliveries.


“I’m not leaving voice mails anymore and ScheduleBase has helped us with efficient and effective scheduling efforts.”


About On Time Moving and Delivery


On Time Moving and Delivery offers the community of Fort Worth, Texas traditional moving services as well as a variety of additional relocation necessities. The moving and packing company guarantees an exact price and the tools to get the job done right the first time.


About ScheduleBase


ScheduleBase is online employee scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, the leader in providing employee scheduling software. For as little as $10/month, businesses can schedule employees online and communicate work schedules by email, text message and mobile device. Other Atlas Business Solutions scheduling software include ScheduleAnywhere, Visual Staff Scheduler Pro, and Customer Appointment Manager.


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