6 Reasons You Should Delegate More

April 16, 2014 | 2,615 views

Start Delegating Today

Start Delegating Today

Let me guess: you do everything in your business. You make the sales calls. You take orders. You buy inventory and even make the coffee. But have you ever stopped to consider whether doing it all was actually good for your business? Here are 6 reasons it’s not, and 6 reasons you should hand the keys over to someone else.


1. You’re Not Good at Everything

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you: you’re not successful at everything you do. Some things you do well, while others you’re only doing a mediocre job on. Do you really want anything related to your business to be mediocre?


Delegating helps you find people who are better than you at specific jobs like designing a logo or writing content.


2. Your Time is Worth More Than You’re Valuing It

If you’re doing administrative tasks as well as taking the trash out and buying breakroom supplies when you should be building strategy for your business, you’re wasting time and money. Let’s say you charge $50 an hour for whatever it is you do. But you’re also doing tasks you could pay someone else to do for $10 an hour. So you’re missing out on the opportunity to make another $40 an hour if you were spending it on client work rather than menial tasks.


3. Your Company Could Be More Successful

So many business owners don’t realize how much more they could grow if only they would ask for help and hire people. Imagine what you could do for your business if you had even another five hours a week to work on it!


4. You’ll Gain a Competitive Edge

When you add diverse experience to your own, you become stronger as a company. If you’re analytical, adding a creative person to your team can only enhance the products or services you offer.


5. You’ll Love It

It’s scary to start delegating at first, but once you find someone you can trust and you start handing work over, you’ll get addicted to the freedom it gives you to work on other areas of your business.


6. You’ll Find New Opportunities

Let’s say you’re a marketing consultant like me. You specialize in content. But you decide to partner with a designer who specializes in websites and logos. Now you can offer more services to your clients, making it simple for them to shop in one place for all their marketing needs. You’ll find business opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have found.


Start Delegating Today

If you’re hesitant about delegating, start small. You’ve got multiple options in terms of help:


– Intern
– Freelancer
– Agency
– Part-time employee
– Full-time employee


Start with what your budget will permit, then gradually increase what you outsource as you begin to trust others with your tasks.

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