6 Reasons to Hire Veterans

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6 Reasons to Hire Veterans

6 Reasons to Hire Veterans

There is a 7.2% unemployment rate among the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces since 200,1 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is an alarmingly high number given the benefits associated with hiring such high-qualified team members for your business.


If you’ve wondered whether hiring a veteran is the right move, here are six reasons why you should bring a former serviceman on board with your business.


  1. You Get a Natural Born Leader Working for You

When entering the military, a person knows he will need to serve his leader and ultimately lead a troop of soldiers himself. When in the military, he is taught these vital leadership skills.


Having a vet on your team gives you someone who understands how to respect senior employees and how to lead successfully.  


  1. You Get Someone Who Respects Responsibility

In the military, responsibility is required. There is no such thing as showing up late for duty. Prompt arrival and adequate preparedness is vital in this culture.


With a veteran serving your business, you get someone who has this level of responsibility ingrained in his work ethic. You won’t have to worry about late arrivals or excessive call outs with a vet on your team.


  1. You Get Goal-Oriented Employees

Veterans are used to working hard to meet mission goals. They’ve worked in environments where failing meant loss of life. These people are taught to be mission oriented in everything they do.


With a veteran on your team, you get someone who operates with a goal in mind. It doesn’t matter whether that goal is driving more sales or making the customer’s experience five star, a veteran keeps the main mission in mind every day he comes to work.


  1. You Get a Go-Getter

Veterans are natural born do-ers. These people don’t need to be told when something needs to be done. The culture where they worked prior to entering the private sector has shown them how to take matters into their own hands and finish a job that needs finishing.


  1. You Get Someone Eager to Work

Missions don’t stop because it’s the holidays. Troops aren’t sent home for Christmas vacation each year. Veterans are used to working on holidays, birthdays and just about any other type of special day. They know the importance of keeping the business running whether that business is the government’s or yours. That means, when it comes time to fill difficult shifts, you’re more likely to have someone step up, volunteer and be happy while working for your company.


  1. You Get an Open Communicator

In business, communication is key. When you hire a service member, you get someone who will tell you when something isn’t quite right. This is vital when trying to diagnose a problem on your team or in your business. You don’t want someone who will shy away from telling you where you can improve. Your company’s success needs someone on the front lines who will show you how to be better.


Will You Hire a Vet?


There are tremendous benefits to bringing veterans on your team. Will you hire a veteran to serve your business? Have you already? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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