4 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Saves Time and Money

September 16, 2020 | 663 views

4 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Saves Time and Money
4 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Saves Time and Money

Exploring shift scheduling software can feel overwhelming. It takes so much time to investigate and compare, you’re too busy to learn something new and train others, and employees are resistant to change. You are not alone in feeling this way. To make it easier, focus on why scheduling software is valuable to your business. Then it will be much easier to justify the investment and move forward.

Any SaaS software is designed to ease management responsibilities, and scheduling is a task that takes up a lot of time—hours each week, in fact. Your time is important, right? And the less time you can put into scheduling, the better. But there are many other benefits to investing in business software for your employee schedules.

  1. Mobile Access. It’s all in the cloud. Schedules, changes and alerts are available to everyone from nearly anywhere. PCs, laptops and smartphones all interface easily. It’s fast and secure, and it sends alerts to employees as soon as a schedule or notice is posted. You can be sure that everyone has the information they need.
  2. Simplified Time-off Requests. If a schedule has a conflict for someone, the employee sends a change request, and managers can approve online. No more paper notes or texts or calls. The software keeps track of who is available and makes time-off requests easier to accept because you can see who is available to cover a shift.
  3. Immediate Notifications. When you need to send a notice, you can do it to everyone at the same time. Likewise, when a schedule is posted, every employee receives a notification that it is ready and available. You don’t have to rely upon employees to check in on their own.
  4. Accurate Coverage by Position. Most organizations need different positions covered at different times. For example, a restaurant needs a cook, a server, and dishwasher to operate each shift. Scheduling software makes this task a breeze. You can schedule faster with the assurance that every hour is appropriately covered with the right positions and people. 

Give yourself the benefit of software that helps you manage your employee shifts more efficiently. More than anything, scheduling software eases scheduling woes and minimizes errors while saving money and time. Your time—and that’s priceless.

Author Profile Jon Forknell is the Vice President and General Manager of Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., a software marketing company specializing in employee scheduling software, including ScheduleBase employee scheduling software, and other business software solutions. In the past, Jon has been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Atlas Business Solutions was named as one of Software Magazine’s Top 500 Software Companies in 2004 through 2007, and 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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