4 Benefits to Offer Your Employees in 2019

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4 Benefits to Offer Your Employees in 2019

4 Benefits to Offer Your Employees in 2019

A recent Willis Towers Watson (WTW) study found that the vast majority of people are satisfied with their benefits. Of these people 78% said they would remain with their employer because the benefits they offer are so sublime.


The talent pool is small these days. As voluntary benefits become more in-demand and employees aim to hold on to more of their hard-earned money in 2019, you’ll need to tweak what you offer. If you’re trying to carve out a deeper notch in the talent pool by bringing on more qualified workers to your team, here are four benefits you’ll want to offer in the New Year.


1. Low Cost and High Value

Healthcare prices are on the rise. So are prescription drug prices. That’s a problem for you, an employer, as you try to manage the types of healthcare benefits you offer your team.


According to a report by IdentityForce, one of the biggest factors employers use when selecting benefits is cost. That factor was closely followed by the value to the employees. Employees are getting smarter and looking more carefully at benefits when deciding which company to work with. Merging both cost and value together is a must in order to remain competitive in today’s market.


2. More Time

Traditional benefits, such as healthcare and retirement plans, are necessary. They’re also expected, which doesn’t make them a wow benefit to add to your roster while trying to attract and retain top talent. To truly show you care about your employees, adding non-traditional benefits to your list is important.


One of the best benefits to add is the gift of time. Unlike money, you can’t earn more time, which makes it more valuable than what you’d normally offer to your team. By offering flexible work options or empowering your team with an online scheduling app to make their own schedules, you can help your team balance work and family responsibilities.


3. More Education

One thing that will never go out of style is personal growth. People inherently want to continue to further their skill sets and deepen their knowledge. When a company provides learning opportunities to help them achieve this, the employee feels relevant, needed, and valuable.


4. Financial Wellness

Wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular among employers and employees alike. Although discounts on gym memberships and in-office healthy food choices have long been a benefit at companies, new types of wellness benefits are getting added to the mix. Specifically, financial wellness.


Employees are constantly looking for ways to put more cash in their pockets and hold on to more of their hard-earned money. Parents want more ways to save for their children’s education. Millennials want more ways to pay off large student loans. By offering financial wellness courses and programs for your team, you can help them accomplish these goals without having to fork over more money through bonuses or raises.


Start the New Year Off Right

Starting the New Year off right means starting with a refreshed set of employee benefits. What new benefits will you offer in 2019?


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