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Android App for ScheduleBase Now Available

August 15, 2012 | 5,365 views


Get the ScheduleBase Android App

ScheduleBase Android App

ScheduleBase has some great news for owners of Android devices. With the release of our new ScheduleBase Android app, checking your work schedule just got a whole lot easier. Our free app, available now at Google Play, makes checking schedules as easy as one click on your Android device. Scroll from week to week with the flick of a finger and easily stay informed of schedule changes. Get the app and you’ll be viewing your schedule instantly on your handheld Android device. To download the app, just go to Google Play and search “ScheduleBase.” Checking your schedule could not be easier or more convenient. Get the Android app today! iPhone users stand by…

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ScheduleBase Employee Scheduling Software Gets New Two-Week View

August 8, 2012 | 4,141 views

ScheduleBase Two-Week View

Two-Week View

ScheduleBase announces an exciting addition to the ScheduleBase online employee scheduling software platform. If viewing one week of your schedule is not enough, you now have the option of a new two-week view. This feature makes it very easy for a scheduler to view this week’s schedule while making next week’s schedule. The time savings of not having to click back and forth is substantial. The only change schedule makers will notice is the location of the post schedule tool, which is now located above each weekly schedule. Even though you can view two weeks of schedules at a time, each week is still posted individually to give you the greatest amount of control and flexibility when it comes to posting your schedules. You can easily switch back and forth between one-week or two-week views under the Options menu.


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Scheduling Software and Summer Fun?

August 3, 2012 | 3,424 views

Does scheduling software really go hand-in-hand with summer fun? We think it can!


What would you rather be doing on a beautiful summer day other than stuck in your office writing a work schedule by hand? Golfing, perhaps? Maybe some gardening? How about a long walk down by the water? We can think of a thousand things and bet you can too.


ScheduleBase online employee scheduling software can help you get your summer work schedules done quickly, saving you valuable time; time that you can spend doing other summer-time fun things. It’s simple and easy to use and communicates schedules and changes instantly!


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