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Bank Teller Scheduling Software Delivers Major Time Savings to State Bank & Trust Branches

December 22, 2011 | 6,612 views

Fargo, North Dakota —  With 14 branches across nine cities and two states, State Bank & Trust Assistant Vice President – Teller Coordinator, Bernice Kram, was monitoring a different scheduling process at every branch.


“Each location was scheduling the teller lines in their own way with spreadsheets, calendars, notebooks and such,” said Kram. “I could see how time consuming and challenging it was for the teller managers.” Kram knew a standardized scheduling method across all branches was the answer, but she was leery of being lured into high cost, customizable systems. “We wanted an easy, economical solution.”


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Employee Request Responses Now Delivered by Email and Text Message

December 21, 2011 | 3,234 views

Employees no longer have to log in to ScheduleBase to see if a manager has responded to a work schedule request. If a manager enters a message into an employee’s request, the employee will automatically receive an email, text message or both with the details of the message. For example, if John Smith enters a request, such as “I’d like today off,” his manager could enter “Approved” or “No problem” into the request and this information would be sent to John without him having to login to ScheduleBase. Schedule changes are still communicated to employees when the work schedule is posted. Employees are also notified if a requested has been deleted or marked as done.


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