10 Tips for Better Holiday Marketing

November 12, 2014 | 2,838 views

10 Tips for Better Holiday Marketing

10 Tips for Better Holiday Marketing

Looking to beef up the number of customers that come through your doors this time of year? These tips will expand your reach and help more potential customers find you in time for the holidays.

1. Get in the Spirit

Whether it’s decorating your store with snowmen and Christmas trees, or including a sprig of holly in your email newsletter, simply using symbols of the season can make people associate your brand with holiday shopping.

2. Write Holiday-Themed Content.

The same goes for your blog. Use the holidays to create themed content (just like this post!) that are timely and relevant to holiday shoppers.

3. Offer Easy Gift Promotions.

Make it easy for customers to buy gifts for their loved ones by bundling items together and offering a promotional price. Then spread the word about the promotion through social media, flyers, email, etc.

4. Participate in Black Friday.

Or Small Business Saturday. Or Cyber Monday. Or Free Shipping Day. All of these events provide ample opportunity to get your brand in front of more shoppers.

5. Use Holiday Hashtags.

On social media, using hashtags like #BlackFriday or #HolidaySavings can get your promotional tweets in the same stream as other shopping deals that people are looking for.

6. Offer a Free Gift with Purchase.

Right now, people are looking for the best deals. If you offer a freebie with every purchase, you’ll boost sales.

7. Send Holiday Cards with a Coupon.

If you have a relatively small client base, sending a snail mail card to each of them should be simple enough. Otherwise, opt for an email version. With either, include a deep discount to entice your existing customers to come back.

8. Host an Open House.

By holding an event at your location and offering value to attendees, you not only attract people who haven’t been to your store before, but you also give them a no-obligation opportunity to try you out. Include giveaways, and promote the event beforehand.

9. Cross-Promote Your Business.

Talk to other business owners in your community and see if they are willing to let you leave flyers or coupons at their location in exchange for you hosting theirs at yours.

10. Have a Charitable Heart.

This one has two benefits: one, you help a local charity by donating a portion of your proceeds to the cause. And two, you get the publicity that comes with doing so. Write a press release about your partnership to spur interest.


Whichever of these ideas you decide to use, start your planning now!

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