Your 12 Month Blogging Plan

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Your 12 Month Blogging Plan

Your 12 Month Blogging Plan

It’s common practice by “the big guys:” creating a 12-month editorial calendar is standard practice among some of the top blogs, magazines, and publishers.


For large publishers, it makes sense. They need to take a top-down approach to manage their team of content producers and keep their magazine focused. But should your business do the same?


Why Companies Need a 12-Month Blogging Strategy


Planning isn’t a foreign concept for businesses. You need a plan to steer your company’s engine in the right direction. Without it, you’re scattered, disorganized, and probably missing your goals.


Big picture plans are smart. With a general overview of what you want to see in your business and on your blog, you can present your company in a stronger light. By forcing yourself to start thinking about the big picture, you can ensure that every single piece of content or blog post is productive.


And who doesn’t want to better productivity?


With an annual plan in place, you become more efficient with your blogging efforts. It’s easier to come up with topics and faster to get ideas down on digital paper.


It makes scheduling your writers and marketers easier too. When you know the timing of your content production, you can have a better, stronger plan in place for creating what you need to thrive.


What Should You Include in Your Annual Plan?


Staring at a blank spreadsheet is intimidating. Here are a few ideas to help you fill in the white space and get planning.


Industry Events


Will your business be hosting, attending, or watching any major industry events happening this year? If so, fill those dates in on your calendar.


Talking about industry events establishes your business as a top player in your field.


– If you’re hosting an event, blogging long in advance helps you drive attendance and sell sponsorship.


– If you’re attending an event, blogging at least a month in advance helps you connect with others in your industry.


– If you’re watching major industry events, your customers know that you’re on top of the trends and innovative in your field.


Blogging about these events positions your brand as a powerhouse player.


National Holidays


Every month, there is something to celebrate. From Valentine’s Day in February through Thanksgiving and Christmas, you want your content to reflect what’s happening in the lives of your audience.


Planning to blog around national holidays makes your content timely and relevant. It also helps you know when you need to plan sales so that you can stay competitive in the market. Blogging around the time of your promotions strengthens your sales and marketing teams alike.


Product Launches


Do you have something new coming out this year? Add the launch date to your blogging calendar!


Blogging around product launches enables you to have a clearer answer to your customer’s question about “why” they need something. By planning your blog around a product launch, you can overcome objections long in advance.


Planning your annual calendar does not have to be a chore. Start by looking at what’s happening in your industry, in your customer’s life, and in your business. Then, fill in the blanks in a way that will solidify your brand’s messaging and make your marketing work harder for your business.

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