Veterinary Scheduling Software – Improving Vet Clinic Schedules Everywhere

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Veterinary Scheduling Software

Veterinary Scheduling Software

Do you ever wish you had the skills of a vet office manager responsible for scheduling veterinarian clinic employees while maintaining a comfortable and welcoming environment for the public? The ever-changing demands of employee turnover, holiday requests, last-minute changes, sick calls, forgotten shifts, lost paper schedules, excessive Post-it notes, simple employee neglect, emotional patients & owners, billing issues, missed appointments and more can take its toll very quickly. When you are working under a deadline and are responsible for scheduling several veterinary office employees with the required routine of your vet office, a consistent and effective work schedule is a valuable and required workplace structure that ensures communication and accountability. By taking advantage of effective online employee vet scheduling software, your vet office becomes manageable, efficient, and effective and ultimately increases your bottom line.


The Typical Schedule of a Small Veterinarian Clinic


Working as a veterinary technician, a vet clinic receptionist, or even a veterinarian opens the door to many different types of experiences with many different office employee schedules, coworkers, and clients. Vet clinic staff work very hard behind the scenes to provide quality service to the public and our furry friends. They are people with needs, wants, and feelings, along with being a necessary part of everyone’s community.


A Common Day at a Smaller Vet Office Might Look Like This:

• Animals arrive from overnight emergency clinic or are brought in first thing in the morning.
• All of these animals are examined and the owners phoned with progress reports.
• Those animals being admitted for surgery are examined further and the procedure is discussed with the owner.
• Daily appointments then start. Appointments range from new puppy or kitten visits, vaccinations, sick animals, checking lumps and bumps, suture removals, and though rare, an occasional euthanasia.
• Most vet clinics stop taking appointments for an hour or two over the lunch hour allowing for each employee and vet to take lunch as it fits within each schedule.
• After lunch, vet clinic employees return phone calls, check on animals recovering from anesthesia, check on hospital patients and sometimes have additional emergency visits.
• The afternoons are spent seeing more appointments. Sick and injured animals are examined and evaluated for stability. If an animal appears critical or needs monitoring overnight, they are referred to the emergency clinic.
• More vet clinic office work is performed with phone calls returned and final notes made in records before the day ends.


Even though this daily list seems monotonous and fairly simple, if you were to explore some of the detailed tasks included with this list further, or if you were to ask an actual veterinary clinic staff member, you might find the experiences go beyond the day-to-day routine. Imagine learning how to properly inject a needle in animals of all sizes, how to properly give a dog a pill, or that some cats might actually like water and that a calm, relaxed animal can become a crazy, mad one in a matter of seconds. Leave room for your imagination and how each situation might differ with each patient.

How Online Employee Scheduling Software Can Benefit Vet Clinics


With positions high in demand like those found in a veterinary clinic, the benefits that online employee scheduling can provide are nearly endless. The most obvious and important benefits vet clinic scheduling software will provide are that they save a lot of time and money, and they make it more likely that a vet clinic’s staff will be in complete sync.


Are you writing your vet technician’s work schedules by hand? Spending hours scheduling part-time receptionists using complicated spreadsheets? To help make your job easier, an online scheduling program offering efficient, painless, and best of all, affordable solutions could be the perfect answer for your veterinary clinic.


ScheduleBase is dedicated to making employee scheduling for veterinary clinics simplified for the veterinarian, managers, technicians, receptionists and part-time employees. We know that your time is valuable and should be spent doing those activities that lead to better treatment for animals and their owners.


Here Are A Few Key Benefits Our Vet Clinic Scheduling Software Can Provide:

• Gives all vet clinic employees the convenience of viewing and communicating schedules online.
• Simple & effective schedule creation without distractions, questions, or excessive phone calls.
• Stops daily sorting of Post-it notes with messages or changes.
• Powerful ability to text and email schedules to all staff.
• Up-to-date availability allowing all employees to communicate requests instantly.
• Mobile apps available for both Android & Apple Devices.


Your communication with key employees of your vet clinic, including kennel assistants, kennel managers, office managers, practice managers, receptionists, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and more, along with your online employee scheduling experience should be as uncomplicated as possible. ScheduleBase is a must-have veterinary scheduling software tool if you wish to implement a complete management-to-employee communication experience in your vet clinic.


In little to no time, veterinarian offices everywhere can schedule staff members online and communicate work schedules by email, text message and mobile device. Put your vet clinic scheduling online with Veterinarian Clinic software that saves time and money while offering your employees easier access to their schedules and an effective communication tool for you.

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