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How Nonprofits Schedule Volunteers with Employee Scheduling Software

March 26, 2014 | 1,933 views

How Nonprofits Schedule Volunteers

How Nonprofits Schedule Volunteers

Even if you don’t have many full-time or part-time employees at your nonprofit, you actually have a lot in common with companies that do. You likely have a small army of volunteers that keep you just as busy (if not more so) as paid employees would.


Let me guess: scheduling those volunteers is one of your top headaches. See? You do have something in common with for-profit companies with staff, after all!


Most nonprofits are strapped for time and money, and while you rely on your volunteers to alleviate some of the workload, sometimes it’s more stress to juggle their constant schedule changes.


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Employee Scheduling Software ScheduleBase to Provide Free Access to Nonprofits

January 28, 2014 | 3,541 views

Fargo, ND – Atlas Business Solutions, developer of business management software, announces this week that its employee scheduling software, ScheduleBase, is now free to nonprofits.


ScheduleBase is employee scheduling software that facilitates communication between managers and staff, anywhere, anytime. Staff can indicate availability or changes in availability from any browser or mobile device. For nonprofits who frequently schedule volunteers, it provides easy visibility into when people are available to work or volunteer. When a schedule is posted on ScheduleBase, all staff and volunteers are instantly notified by text message and email.



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