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Your Schedule Maker – Deciding How to Create Employee Schedules

October 29, 2012 | 4,314 views



ScheduleBase Schedule Maker

ScheduleBase Schedule Maker

Have you ever evaluated your current schedule maker and thought about why it is so hard to schedule employees? What’s holding you back from doing the things you really need to do when creating employee schedules? It may be time you take a look at why you haven’t found a simple and effective method of communicating schedules with your staff.



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Frozen Yogurt Shop Schedules – Online Employee Scheduling With Flavor

October 10, 2012 | 4,017 views

Is choosing online employee scheduling software as easy as picking your favorite frozen yogurt flavor?


Choosing a flavor while visiting your local frozen yogurt shop and selecting the appropriate online employee scheduling program to schedule employees are somewhat instinctive. We have instincts for a reason and they work really well. The innate ability to make a snap decision when walking an assembly line full of flavorful frozen yogurt options is the difference between satisfying a sweet tooth and having a stomach void of emptiness. With this in mind, how many unsatisfied visits to a frozen yogurt shop have you been faced with lately? It’s probably close to zero. You obviously know your preferred flavor and that led you to the right decision.


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A Helpful Lift – Moving Company Finds Online Employee Scheduling

October 4, 2012 | 4,493 views

Employee scheduling wreaks havoc on moving company’s daily routine


On Time Moving and Delivery is a moving company servicing all home and corporate relocation needs in Fort Worth, Texas. “Ensuring our customers’ needs are met and possessions are handled with care is top priority and we require effective employee scheduling to assure we arrive at the right place at the right time,” said Paul Pate, Owner, “And it starts with our employees being able to instantly receive schedules.”



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Simplify Your Employee Schedule – Online Scheduling Convenience

September 14, 2012 | 2,450 views

What if there were a simpler way to improve your office? Think about it. A miracle plan to boost efficiency, increase sales, lower costs, and ultimately increase the bottom line. How many headaches would this cure? Take a moment to imagine the many ways it could be done. Your list would most likely include strategies such as sell more, spend less,  and increase customers. You might find that these common efforts would produce great results. However, have you ever thought about changing the way you schedule employees in order to elevate your communication efforts to a higher level?



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How To Prepare Your Employee Schedule For A Workplace Emergency

September 11, 2012 | 12,081 views

Online Employee Scheduling

September is National Preparedness Month and ScheduleBase wants to know if you are prepared for an unexpected emergency in your office?  Do you know where to take cover if a tornado warning were issued?  Did you pay attention to your fire drill process in school?  These events, fortunately, are rare scenarios that only produce a small scare once in a great while and are either avoided or forgotten in most situations.

However, if you are a manager in your place of business, apply this same optimistic approach to your day-to-day outlook of scheduling your employees.  Are you comfortable with your process? How do you react when an employee needs a schedule change last minute?  Do you scramble and call each of your employees to see who is available?  Do you continue short-handed today and tomorrow?  How do you communicate the needs of your all-important employee work schedule to each one of your staff members?  Here is a quick list of tips to keep in mind when preparing your next employee schedule.

Make a Plan


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Restaurant Scheduling Software Improves Communication and Customer Service

April 4, 2012 | 3,914 views


Restaurant Scheduling Software Customer

North Shore Grill Uses Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software is not something Micah Vitale of North Shore Grill, Lakeville, NY,  thought he needed until he realized the problem with his current restaurant scheduling method. Like thousands of other restaurant managers, Micah was scheduling restaurant employees with Excel and a paper time-off request sheet. Although ultimately flexible, his problem was his inability to communicate work schedules to employees, without disrupting his business and its customers, until he started using ScheduleBase.


Restaurant employee scheduling software empowers managers


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Clinic Saves with Online Employee Scheduling Software

March 5, 2012 | 3,341 views

Staff scheduling at Orthopedic Associates used to take a lot of time, about six to seven hours a week longer than it does today. For the past several months, Orthopedic Associates P.A. of Farmington, New Mexico has been preparing its work schedules with ScheduleBase online employee scheduling software instead writing them in a spiral notebook.



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Retail Online Scheduling Software Improves Communication, Delivers Results

January 16, 2012 | 3,598 views

Fargo, North Dakota —  Retail flooring leader, Carpet World, was relying on a complicated, and messy, paper-and-pencil scheduling process for 15 store associates and as many as 25 installation sub-contractors. “Things often change in our business,” said Ryan Weber, sales associate, “and we were relying on erasing everything properly and re-writing neatly. It was confusing.”


And, there was the challenge of communicating those paper-and-pencil changes among the associates and sub-contractors. Weber added, “Mistakes affect customer service. We really needed a better way for our subs to see what was going on for the day and a good way to communicate changes to their schedule.”


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Bank Teller Scheduling Software Delivers Major Time Savings to State Bank & Trust Branches

December 22, 2011 | 5,460 views

Fargo, North Dakota —  With 14 branches across nine cities and two states, State Bank & Trust Assistant Vice President – Teller Coordinator, Bernice Kram, was monitoring a different scheduling process at every branch.


“Each location was scheduling the teller lines in their own way with spreadsheets, calendars, notebooks and such,” said Kram. “I could see how time consuming and challenging it was for the teller managers.” Kram knew a standardized scheduling method across all branches was the answer, but she was leery of being lured into high cost, customizable systems. “We wanted an easy, economical solution.”


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Tip: Use Presets to make Scheduling Employees Fast and Easy

November 18, 2011 | 2,572 views

Preset Link

Preset link in lower right.

ScheduleBase staff scheduling software is designed with many features to help you schedule your employees fast and easy. Presets give you one-click scheduling for common shift times and terms. It’s one of the features in ScheduleBase that will significantly save you time when scheduling your employees.


ScheduleBase -  Entering Presets

Entering presets is easy!

Setting up presets is easy.

To begin using presets, select a cell where you would normally schedule an employee. Click the Schedule faster with Presets link in the lower right corner of the Presets window.


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