10 Winning Habits of Top Managers

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10 Winning Habits of Top Managers

10 Winning Habits of Top Managers

Think back to your favorite manager. What did he do well? What made you like working for him more than any other manager?


Top managers have a unique set of winning traits. These traits motivate employees, propel teams forward, and ultimately lead to the team’s success. By focusing on bringing out these common traits in your own leadership style, you can become the manager your team looks back on with admiration.


Here are the top ten winning habits of top managers.


1. Transparency

Employees shouldn’t be left to guess what’s going on in your mind. Top managers make it clear what’s expected, what they’re happy with, and where they wish to see improvement.


2. Honesty

The truth always rises to the surface. If an employee perceives a manager as lying, all trust is lost making it difficult for that manager to motivate the employee and drive results.


3. Ability to see the big picture…

Managers must be able to analyze situations while looking at the big picture. Macro level management keeps teams on track toward a common goal.


4. …and the minor details.

At the same time, it’s important to be able to dig into the details to understand what the team is up against on a daily basis. Fixing micro level issues can lead to macro results.


5. Confidence

To get a team to rally behind you, they need to know you believe in the direction you’re leading them. Have confidence in your plans to gain respect from the employees.


6. Strong communication skills

Clear communication is important. It’s what enables you, the manager, to pull out what’s expected of your team. When there’s no doubt of what you want from them, they’re more likely to deliver the results you’re after.


7. Compassion

Be human. Top managers know the importance of acknowledging and respecting work/life balance. Having compassion to what’s happening outside of the workplace is essential.


8. Gratitude

Saying thank you to an employee goes a long way. Top managers show their appreciation for their employee’s hard work.


9. Humility

Arrogance is a turn off, even in the workplace. Although you should lead with confidence, it’s equally important to not put yourself on a pedestal.


10. Fearless

Progress happens when teams take risks. If you’re fearless, your team is more likely to follow your example and work with gusto toward new goals.


What’s Your Winning Habit?


What habits of yours have you seen be particularly successful at driving your team’s success? Share them with us in the comments.


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